French Crypto Entrepreneur Hasheur: U.S. Crackdown Paves the Way for Europe and Asia to Capture Volume

French Crypto Entrepreneur Hasheur: U.S. Crackdown Paves the Way for Europe and Asia to Capture Volume

Owen Simonin, known as Hasheur, a prominent French crypto YouTuber with over 624,000 subscribers, believes that the recent regulatory crackdown on the crypto industry in the United States presents an opportunity for Europe and Asia to capture a significant volume of the global crypto market. Simonin argues that the U.S. approach is detrimental to the emerging crypto business and could stifle its growth. He emphasizes the potential for France and Europe to play a vital role in the crypto market due to the clear regulatory framework they provide.

Simonin's interest in cryptocurrencies began when he discovered Bitcoin at the age of 18. He was captivated by the decentralized and immutable nature of the technology. In 2017, during the crypto bull run, Simonin's YouTube channel gained significant popularity. Alongside his older brother William, he launched Just Mining, a company that sold user-friendly crypto miners. Today, the company, now known as Meria, has expanded its offerings and is considered a key player in the French crypto market.

Despite the trend of digital nomadism among crypto entrepreneurs, Simonin has chosen to stay in France, expressing gratitude for what his home country has provided. He acknowledges the challenges, such as tax and banking issues, but believes that adhering to strict regulations has allowed his companies to offer decentralized solutions to the average person. France is regarded as a model for crypto regulation, providing a clear regulatory framework for businesses in the sector.

Simonin plans to focus on data and artificial intelligence in the coming weeks. His brother's company, Vivoka, will launch a project combining data collection for AI and crypto. Simonin and his brother remain closely attuned to the demand in this sector and continue to explore opportunities within it.

Overall, Simonin sees the U.S. regulatory crackdown as an opportunity for Europe and Asia to gain momentum in the global crypto market, emphasizing the potential for France and its regulated crypto ecosystem to thrive in this changing landscape.

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