Lama Launches Visa Cards Offering 2% Bitcoin Cashback

Lama Launches Visa Cards Offering 2% Bitcoin Cashback

Lama, a European cryptocurrency exchange, has introduced Visa cards that allow users to spend their crypto assets anywhere and instantly convert them to fiat currencies. The Visa cards come with different subscription plans, offering various benefits to users. The Bronze card is free and provides access to a single virtual card for online spending. The Silver plan costs €9.99 per month and offers three virtual cards, one physical card, and 1% bitcoin (BTC) cashback on all purchases. The Gold plan, priced at €19.99 per month, grants users up to five virtual cards, one physical card, and a 2% BTC cashback on all purchases.

The launch of these Visa cards aims to provide users with a practical tool for maximizing their crypto assets. By using Lama Visa cards, individuals can easily convert and spend their digital currencies at millions of merchants worldwide, bridging the gap between the crypto realm and the global economy.

With Lama-branded Visa Cards, users can make purchases using crypto and euros at any online or physical store that accepts Visa payments. Additionally, they can conveniently convert their digital currencies on various platforms globally. Lama's participation in Visa's card program, which includes 50 leading crypto trading platforms, demonstrates the exchange's commitment to compliance and regulatory requirements.

Lama, a regulated crypto exchange established in 2022, combines traditional financial services (TradFi) with decentralized finance (DeFi) and crypto trading. The company has developed innovative products that streamline the process by providing a direct connection between its banking accounts and digital crypto wallets. This integration of DeFi and TradFi enables users to enjoy the benefits of holding digital assets while also having quick access to funds for everyday payments.

The introduction of the Lama Visa card represents a significant step toward making cryptocurrencies more accessible and usable in everyday life. By offering a simple means of converting between fiat and crypto, users can experience the best of both worlds—the potential upside of holding digital assets alongside the convenience of using them for everyday transactions. Lama's Visa cards empower users to actively participate in the global economy and contribute to the wider adoption of cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

Through the launch of these Visa cards, Lama aims to enhance the utility and versatility of cryptocurrencies, making them more tangible and readily applicable to real-world scenarios. As users leverage their crypto assets with the convenience of Visa's global payment network, the integration of traditional financial services and digital currencies takes another stride forward, paving the way for broader acceptance and integration of cryptocurrencies into mainstream financial systems.

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