Maker's Price Surges 4.17% in 24 Hours, Continuing Weekly Gains

Maker's Price Surges 4.17% in 24 Hours, Continuing Weekly Gains

Over the last 24 hours, Maker's price, denoted as MKR/USD, has exhibited a notable surge of 4.17%, reaching a current value of $1,331.88. This positive momentum extends the cryptocurrency's trend over the past week, during which it has experienced a solid gain of 5.0%, progressing from $1,265.02 to its present price point. Worth mentioning is that Maker's all-time high currently stands at an impressive $6,292.31.

The chart below provides a comparative view of Maker's price movements and volatility for both the past 24 hours (left) and the past week (right). The gray bands, represented as Bollinger Bands, serve as indicators of volatility, with the width of the bands or the size of the gray area at any given moment signifying the extent of volatility.

During the past week, Maker has seen a significant 13.0% increase in trading volume, reflecting heightened market activity and interest. Concurrently, the circulating supply of the coin has witnessed a marginal decrease of 0.04%. Currently, Maker's circulating supply is estimated to be 89.63% of its maximum supply, which totals 1.01 million MKR tokens. In the cryptocurrency market ranking, MKR holds the #40 spot with a market capitalization of $1.20 billion.

Maker's recent price surge of 4.17% within 24 hours, coupled with its weekly gains of 5.0%, suggests a period of positive momentum for this cryptocurrency. The increase in trading volume further underscores the growing interest and activity surrounding Maker. While its current price is still some distance from its all-time high, the cryptocurrency market is known for its volatility and rapid shifts, making it an arena to watch closely for both traders and investors alike. As Maker continues its journey, it remains an asset to monitor within the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies.

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