Pro-Bitcoin De Santis Announces Presidential Bid

Pro-Bitcoin De Santis Announces Presidential Bid

Florida Governor Ron De Santis has officially announced that he’s entering the United States 2024 Presidential race, poised to be former President Donald Trump’s greatest opponent within the Republican primary. Unlike Trump, De Santis has pushed pro-crypto policy multiple times in the past and is staunchly opposed to Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).

De Santis is also a vocal supporter of Bitcoin, stating that “citizens have every right to do Bitcoin” during a recent Twitter Spaces conversation with Elon Musk. He has expressed his opposition to any statute that would ban Bitcoin use and has vowed to protect it as president.

This is a significant development for the crypto industry, which has been facing increased regulatory pressure under the Biden administration. Many regulators have taken enforcement actions against exchanges, stablecoin issuers, and crypto-supportive banks, leaving firms like Coinbase desperate for clarity on the rules of the road surrounding crypto in the United States.

Furthermore, De Santis’ pro-Bitcoin stance puts him at odds with former President Trump, who has repeatedly called Bitcoin a “scam.” Both Musk and De Santis found common ground in their support for free speech and opposition to “woke” ideology. They also happen to both be crypto-friendly, while Trump has not demonstrated the same level of support for digital assets.

It remains to be seen how De Santis’ candidacy will impact the crypto industry, but his support for Bitcoin could help shape the conversation around digital assets during the presidential election. If elected, De Santis could help establish a more friendly regulatory environment for crypto in the United States.
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