Crypto's Evolution: Anchorage Digital Trading Boss Advocates for Wall Street Standards

Crypto's Evolution: Anchorage Digital Trading Boss Advocates for Wall Street Standards

Lincoln Bartlett, the Head of Trading at Anchorage Digital, foresees the crypto industry gaining strength as it aligns itself with traditional finance practices in the United States. Bartlett predicts a departure from crypto's anti-intermediary origins, emphasizing the inevitability of adopting "time-tested standards" from Wall Street. He highlights the need for regulations that prioritize fair market structure, including the segregation of customer funds from exchange-owned assets.

Bartlett points to the collapse of FTX and heightened regulatory scrutiny as catalysts for the industry's move toward increased regulation. He believes that aligning with established regulatory frameworks is essential for the long-term growth and stability of the crypto market. Anchorage Digital, as the first federally chartered crypto bank in the U.S., offers regulatory-compliant custody solutions, emphasizing technology security, regulatory protections, and clarity for institutions seeking crypto exposure.

Anchorage's comprehensive offerings, including an agency trading desk and a wide range of tradable assets, position the firm favorably compared to other players in the market. Bartlett commends the company's commitment to aligning with clients' interests and its transparent fixed fee structure. Anchorage's advanced trading platform enables institutions to trade across multiple liquidity providers without the need for separate onboarding.

Drawing from his experience in both traditional and crypto markets, Bartlett sees the implementation of crypto regulation as an opportunity to introduce safeguards and enhance the industry's reputation. He believes that embracing Wall Street standards will ultimately strengthen crypto as an asset class and attract more institutional investors.

Despite the challenges faced by the industry, Anchorage's digital trading desk has successfully navigated the tumultuous landscape without incurring losses, ensuring uninterrupted trading services for its clients. Bartlett remains optimistic about the industry's evolution and the potential benefits that come with aligning with traditional finance practices.

In conclusion, Lincoln Bartlett, Head of Trading at Anchorage Digital, envisions the crypto industry shifting towards greater regulation and aligning itself with the established practices of traditional finance. He believes that adopting regulatory frameworks and market structure standards will bolster the industry's credibility and appeal to institutional investors. Anchorage Digital, as a federally chartered crypto bank, offers regulatory-compliant solutions and positions itself favorably with its comprehensive offerings. Bartlett sees the future of crypto as an asset class strengthened by embracing Wall Street's time-tested standards.

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