Tether Launches USDt on Kava, Expanding Cosmos DeFi Ecosystem

Tether Launches USDt on Kava, Expanding Cosmos DeFi Ecosystem

Tether, the world's most liquid and transparent stablecoin, has achieved a significant milestone by launching its USDt token on the Cosmos blockchain via Kava. This integration marks a crucial step in the expansion of the Cosmos decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

The addition of Tether's USDt on Kava provides easy access to deep stablecoin liquidity across the Cosmos Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) ecosystems. By issuing native USDt on Kava, the Cosmos ecosystem can address issues related to limited growth, fragmented liquidity, and exaggerated volatility. This move offers users and developers a secure and widely adopted stablecoin, which benefits both Cosmos dApps and EVM dApps.

Scott Stuart, Co-Founder of Kava, expressed excitement about the successful integration, stating, "Our support for Tether's USDt integration unlocks much-needed stablecoin liquidity across the Cosmos and EVM ecosystems. Tether's choice makes Kava a key support and a strong ally for Cosmos ecosystem projects building out the Internet of Blockchains."

Unlike external bridge solutions that create fragmented pools of wrapped assets, the native issuance of USDt on Kava allows for seamless movement between IBC and EVM blockchains through an internal bridge. This approach enhances security and reduces attack vectors, providing a fast and highly secure mechanism for transferring assets across chains and facilitating stablecoin liquidity provision.

The integration of Tether's USDt on Kava has the potential to significantly expand the DeFi economy on Cosmos. It presents a compelling solution to the liquidity challenges that have persisted since the collapse of Terra's UST stablecoin in Q1 2022. With Tether, a stablecoin known for its market reputation and approximately 65% dominance, users and developers can enjoy increased security, reliability, and liquidity options.

Paolo Ardoino, CTO at Tether, highlighted the importance of the Kava network's robust track record in ensuring user protection. He stated, "The Kava network is a unique and widely followed blockchain with a robust track record of four years with zero security issues, which is essential to protecting USDt users. Together, we aim to reshape the future of decentralized finance, fostering a robust and inclusive ecosystem that benefits users worldwide."

Kava is a Layer-1 blockchain that combines the development capabilities of Ethereum with the speed and interoperability of Cosmos. With its commitment to innovation and growth, Kava has become a trusted choice for developers and users seeking secure and scalable blockchain solutions.

As Tether expands its presence on the Cosmos blockchain through Kava, the DeFi ecosystem stands to benefit from enhanced liquidity and increased opportunities for users and developers alike.

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