Traveling the World with Bitcoin: A Reality Check

Traveling the World with Bitcoin: A Reality Check

Bitcoin continues to grow in popularity and is being adopted for use in various fields, including as a form of investment and payment. One fascinating example of Bitcoin's use comes from Paco de la India, a traveler who has embarked on a journey to see the world using only Bitcoin.

In a recent interview with Bitrefill, Paco discussed the realities of global Bitcoin adoption, his memorable experiences, and the road ahead for the widespread acceptance of the digital currency.

Paco's travels worldwide have been made possible by community crowdfunding. At the time of the interview, Paco had already travelled to 40 countries across South America, North America, and Africa.

While Paco's experiences highlight the challenges facing Bitcoin adoption in the countries he has visited, they also demonstrate the potential benefits of cryptocurrency-based payments. For merchants, Web3 payments come with the added benefit of what Miller called protection from "fraudulent chargebacks."

However, Paco observed that stablecoins like USDT are more popular among locals, who prefer to HODL their Bitcoin rather than use it for everyday transactions. He noted that adoption is taking place gradually, but there is a need for accelerated efforts.

Overall, Paco’s story demonstrates that traveling the world with Bitcoin is possible, but challenges remain in terms of adoption and volatility. Nevertheless, his story serves as an inspiration for those seeking to explore the world using cryptocurrency.

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